Sugary Enhancero (se) Gene Located on the Long Arm of Chromosome 4 in Maize (Zea mays L.)

  title={Sugary Enhancero (se) Gene Located on the Long Arm of Chromosome 4 in Maize (Zea mays L.)},
  author={D. R. L. Bonte and J. Juvik},
  journal={Journal of Heredity},
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Maize sugary enhancer1 (se1) is a gene affecting endosperm starch metabolism
Using high-resolution genetic mapping, it is found that wild-type Se1 is a gene Zm00001d007657 on chromosome 2 and a deletion of this gene causes the se1 phenotype, and this discovery provides another entry point to understand metabolism and genetic background effects in cereal grains. Expand
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Current models for starch synthesis and the sugary enhancer1 (se1) mutation in Zea mays.
Evidence is described further supporting previous suggestions that they fit criteria for categorization as class two mutants and further supporting the hypothesized role of the se1 gene product discussed within the context of current models for starch synthesis in Zea mays L. Expand
RFLP mapping of the sugary enhancer1 gene in maize
Data suggest that the sugary enhancer1 locus maps on the the distal portion of the long arm of chromosome 2 in the maize genome, in contrast to previous work where se1 was reported to be located on chromosome four. Expand
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