Sugarcane bagasse treated with hydrous ferric oxide as a potential adsorbent for the removal of As(V) from aqueous solutions.

  title={Sugarcane bagasse treated with hydrous ferric oxide as a potential adsorbent for the removal of As(V) from aqueous solutions.},
  author={Erol Pehlivan and Hien T Tran and Wend Ouedraogo and Cl{\'a}udia Povoas Schmidt and Dieter Zachmann and Muefit A Bahadir},
  journal={Food chemistry},
  volume={138 1},
The mechanism of As(V) removal from aqueous solutions by means of hydrated ferric oxide (HFO)-treated sugarcane bagasse (SCB-HFO) (Saccharum officinarum L.) was investigated. Effects of different parameters, such as pH value, initial arsenic concentration, adsorbent dosage, contact time and ionic strength, on the As(V) adsorption were studied. The adsorption capacity of SCB-HFO for As(V) was found to be 22.1 mg/g under optimum conditions of pH 4, contact time 3h and temperature 22 °C. Initial… CONTINUE READING
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