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Sugar and Stops in Drivers with Insulin-Dependent Type 1 Diabetes

  title={Sugar and Stops in Drivers with Insulin-Dependent Type 1 Diabetes},
  author={Ashirwad Barnwal and Pranamesh Chakraborty and Anuj Sharma and Luis Riera-Garcia and Koray Ozcan and Sayedomidreza Davami and Soumik Sarkar and Matthew Rizzo and Jennifer Merickel},
Background: Diabetes is a major public health challenge, affecting millions of people worldwide. Abnormal physiology in diabetes, particularly hypoglycemia, can cause driver impairments that affect safe driving. While diabetes driver safety has been previously researched, few studies link real-time physiologic changes in drivers with diabetes to objective real-world driver safety, particularly at high-risk areas like intersections. To address this, we investigated the role of acute physiologic… 

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