Suffer the children: Long-term effects of sexual abuse

  title={Suffer the children: Long-term effects of sexual abuse},
  author={David Spiegel},
Relationship of Child Sexual Abuse Survivor Self-Perception of Consent to Current Functioning
In 1998 Rind, Tromovitch and Bauserman conducted a meta-analysis using a college sample which challenged the prevailing belief that childhood sexual abuse (CSA) has inherent deleterious effects.Expand
Strategies to Improve Sustainability in Urban Landscape, Literature Review
Abstract Decreasing green spaces is a significant concern in today’s compact cities while they provide various dimensions of sustainability; therefore, sustainable development has become the key ideaExpand
Sociological Evidence in Abuse Litigation
Sociologists can assist attorneys and law firms in various aspects of criminal and civil litigation related to abuse. Social scientists evaluate different types of maltreatment, including childExpand
Sexual abuse and associations with psychosocial aspects of health. A population-based study with Swedish adolescents
This population-based study suggests that SA should not be regarded as an isolated factor in relation to psychosocial health as the associations at a group level may be smaller than expected. Expand
Adolescents' Experiences of sexual abuse - Prevalence, abuse characteristics, disclosure, health and ethical aspects
ABSTRACT The purpose of this thesis was to investigate aspects of self-reported sexual abuse during childhood and adolescence in a population-based study of Swedish high school students. The aim ofExpand
The Convergent Validity of the Trauma Symptom Checklist for Young Children for a Sample of Sexually Abused Outpatients
The convergent validity of the TSCYC and the Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children was weak, perhaps illustrating the lack of agreement often found between children and caregivers and illustrating the need for a multi-informant approach to screening and assessment of sexually abused children. Expand
Sex with children is abuse: Comment on Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman (1998).
B. Rind, P. Tromovitch, and R. Bauserman (1998) reported a meta-analysis of the relation between sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence and psychological functioning among college students.Expand