Suez 1956: A European Intervention?

  title={Suez 1956: A European Intervention?},
  author={Ralph L. Dietl},
  journal={Journal of Contemporary History},
  pages={259 - 278}
  • Ralph L. Dietl
  • Published 1 April 2008
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Contemporary History
This article does not analyse events in the Middle East. It is concerned with the structural background of the Suez Crisis. The Cold War bargain of 1949-50, and thus the Western bloc architecture, was challenged in 1956 and 1962-63. The Suez Crisis and the SKYBOLT Affair are classic examples of intra-bloc conflict. This article focuses on inter-allied conflict during the Suez Crisis. The crisis year 1956 witnessed a European challenge to the bipolar order of the Cold War. It is the hypothesis… 

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