• Materials Science
  • Published 2003

Suede artificial leather and production method thereof

  title={Suede artificial leather and production method thereof},
  author={가토미츠루 and 나카야마기미오 and 다카오카노부오 and 아마사키츠요시 and 요리미츠슈헤이},
The present invention in a wide range, hue, color forming property and light fastness and fastness is good, and provides the suede feeling, surface touch and feel good sense the suede artificial leather with. 0.2 decitex as the three-dimensional entangled body and the suede artificial leather made of the elastomeric polymer A made of microfine fibers in the text below, the following (1) to (4) (1) at least one pigment A selected from carbon black, average particle size of the three-dimensional… CONTINUE READING