Sudden death in heart failure

  title={Sudden death in heart failure},
  author={Joseph Guindo and Antoni Bay{\'e}s Genis and Julio Rozas and Miquel {\`A}ngel Fiol and Xavier Vi{\~n}olas and Antonio Bay{\'e}s de Luna},
  journal={Heart Failure Reviews},
Heart failure is a frequent clinical syndrome and the common final manifestation of most heart diseases [13]. The estimated prevalence of heart failure in the general population is 1% and it increases with age groups until it reaches 10% in the population group over 75 [4]. In the United States, 1-2 million adults are affected [5]. The Framingham study [6] reported mortality rates 4 years after the detection of heart failure of 55% in men and 24% in women. The prognosis is conditioned by the… CONTINUE READING