Sudakov Form Factors with an Effective Theory of Particle Worldlines


Sudakov-type form factors for quark vertex functions in QCD are discussed using a worldline approach. Typeset using REVTEX ∗Invited talk presented at the XI International Conference Problems of Quantum Field Theory, in memory of D. I. Blokhintsev, July 13-17, 1998, JINR, Dubna, Russia. To be published in the Proceedings. 1 1. Introductory remarks A very convenient context for investigating the low-energy regime of gauge field theories is provided by particle worldlines [1]. I begin by recalling the basics of this approach, discussed in more detail in a series of publications [2-5] on fermionic Green and vertex functions in the infrared (IR) domain of QED and QCD. Then I shall focus on the electromagnetic quark vertex function in QCD and present recent results for Sudakov-type form factors. A main point will be to show how one can obtain such results avoiding complicated diagrammatic techniques [6]. 2. Basics of the worldline approach The worldline approach is simply a framework for trading field degrees of freedom for those of particles, i.e., symbolically,

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