Sucrase-isomaltase and other brush border glycosidases in colorectal tumors.

  title={Sucrase-isomaltase and other brush border glycosidases in colorectal tumors.},
  author={Zdeněk Lojda and P. Fric},
  journal={Acta histochemica},
  volume={98 3},
Sucrase-isomaltase (SI), trehalase (T) and lactase-beta-glucosidase (LG) activities were assessed histochemically in samples of colorectal adenomas (11 tubular, 12 tubulovillous, 10 villous) and 30 adenocarcinomas obtained by biopsy during colonoscopy or from specimens removed by surgical intervention. Small samples of tumor tissue, tissue of the transitional zone and of macroscopically normal mucosa were quenched in heptan cooled in an acetone-dry ice mixture. Cryostat sections, transferred to… CONTINUE READING