Sucralfate protects intestinal epithelial cells from radiation-induced apoptosis in rats.


Radiotherapy for malignant pelvic disease is often followed by acute radiation colitis (ARC). It has been reported that sucralfate treatment has a protective effect against ARC, though the mechanisms of action are unknown. The effects of sucralfate on X-ray radiation-induced apoptosis was studied at 4 Gy in the colonic crypt cells of rats. Sucralfate enemas given prior to radiation resulted in the following: (1) reduction in number of apoptotic colonic crypt cells; (2) reduction in number of caspase-3 positive cells; (3) decreases in p53 accumulation and p21 expression; (4) decreases of Bax/Bcl-2 ratio. The protective effects of sucralfate against ARC may be partially due to the suppression of radiation-induced apoptosis by way of p53 in the colon and the protection of the colonic epithelial stem cell region.

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