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Sucking on the Breast and on the Bottle

  title={Sucking on the Breast and on the Bottle},
  author={Peter P W Weiss},

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The analysis of sucking behaviour in newborn infants.

Imaging evaluation of artificial nipples during bottle feeding.

Real-time ultrasonography can be used to visualize artificial nipples in vivo during sucking to compare deformation differences of the artificial nipple with the human nipple during sucking and to compare the suck mechanism used by the infant with four types of artificial nipples.

A cineradiographic study of bottle feeding.

The various types of teat supplied for feeding babies were comparatively ineffective when compared with the soft veterinary rubber teats used for feeding the animals; the performance of the babies was thus not so good as that of the lambs or kid goats.

Physiology of sucking in the normal term infant using real-time US.

Our study of 16 normal term, breast-fed infants documents real-time ultrasound as a technique for evaluating the oral portion of the sucking mechanism in infants. We also describe the mechanics of

Imaging evaluation of the human nipple during breast-feeding.

A new real-time ultrasound technique was employed to document in vivo the anatomic characteristics of the human nipple during breast-feeding and provides a description of the mechanics of normal sucking derived from 16 normal infants aged 60 to 120 days.

Observations on the Vitality of the Newborn

  • F. Hytten
  • Medicine
    Archives of disease in childhood
  • 1951
This paper deals with the sucking reflex, the grasp reflex, muscular power, and power of coordinating upper limb action of neonatal reflexes, considered that objective assessment of the more accessible neonatal Reflexes might be useful.

A Cineradiographic study of breast feeding.

Cineradiographic films were taken of 41 mothers breast feeding; the mother's nipple and areola were coated with a paste of barium sulphate in lanoline to conclusions that a teat is formed from the mother’s breast.