Successfully Avoiding Surgery in an Ectopic Cervical Pregnancy.

  title={Successfully Avoiding Surgery in an Ectopic Cervical Pregnancy.},
  author={Ayala Rodrigo and Lopez-Gonzalez and Leroy-Rivera Chanta},
  journal={journal of Clinical Case Reports},
The uterine cervix is a rare implantation site for ectopic pregnancy, surgical management should be carefully considered due to the risk of severe hemorrhage associated with this treatment. Methotrexate (MTX) is well documented as an effective medical approach in early gestations and low human chorionic gonadotropin (s-hCG) levels yielding good results. This is the case,of a 39 year old woman with a 6.5 week old cervical pregnancy. Diagnosis was suspected and later confirmed due to the presence… 

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Editorial Highlights on the Journal of Clinical Case Reports Volume 5 andIssue 5
An association between FokI polymorphism of VDR gene and two major clinical variables is found, suggesting that the genotype [T/T]/ff may be a protective factor for nail involvement and age of onset in Mexican patients with PsV.


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Hysteroscopic resection has enabled to remove the product of conception from cervix making the minimal damage to the local tissue, thus preserving fertility, and it is still by far, cheapest and most effective treatment of cervical pregnancies.
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Conservative management of cervical ectopic pregnancy is an effective and safe option and not necessary in either of the cases.
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