Successful treatment of gram-negative bacillary meningitis with imipenem/cilastatin.

  title={Successful treatment of gram-negative bacillary meningitis with imipenem/cilastatin.},
  author={K Rodriguez and Gordon M. Dickinson and Robert L. Greenman},
  journal={Southern medical journal},
  volume={78 6},
A patient with meningitis caused by a strain of Actinetobacter anitratus that was resistant to all commercially available antibiotics was treated with imipenem/cilastatin administered intravenously in a dose of 1 gm of imipenem every six hours. The minimal inhibitory concentration of imipenem against the isolate was less than or equal to 0.04 micrograms/ml. The patient tolerated the drug well and was cured after 12 days of therapy. 

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