Successful segmental small bowel allotransplantation in pigs.


The two step small-bowel transplantation was performed experimentally in pigs. Both ends of heterotopic segmental allografts of 100 cm small bowel were enterostomized during the first operation. After 4-6 weeks, the allograft was interposed in the continuity of the intestine. Rejection was developed in Group I (n = 6) without immunosuppression. The mean… (More)


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@article{Li1993SuccessfulSS, title={Successful segmental small bowel allotransplantation in pigs.}, author={Nian Bing Li and Jinsheng Li and C X Liao and Yuesheng Li and Xianhua Wu}, journal={Chinese medical journal}, year={1993}, volume={106 3}, pages={187-90} }