Successful or Failed Rebellion? The Casamance Conflict from a Framing Perspective

  title={Successful or Failed Rebellion? The Casamance Conflict from a Framing Perspective},
  author={Annemarie Theobald},
  journal={Civil Wars},
  pages={181 - 200}
  • A. Theobald
  • Published 3 April 2015
  • Political Science
  • Civil Wars
Empirical evidence and theoretical work suggest that conflicts over self-determination are particularly likely to escalate into very violent and protracted civil wars. However, the intensity of the secessionist conflict in Casamance, Senegal, remained low. As prevailing theories on armed conflicts fail to explain the limited escalation in Casamance, this article resorts to framing theory. Framing helps to include a micro-approach towards conflict studies in order to overcome deficits of macro… 
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