Successful management of congenital chyloperitoneum with fibrin glue.


Chylous ascites in children has been treated in a variety of ways, including a low-fat diet, medium chain triglycerides, diuretics, total parental nutrition, surgical exploration, and internal peritoneo-venous shunting. The authors describe a child with persistent congenital chyloperitoneum treated successfully with the application of fibrin glue and recommend this as an effective alternative to traditional approaches.


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@article{Antao2003SuccessfulMO, title={Successful management of congenital chyloperitoneum with fibrin glue.}, author={Brice A Antao and David H Croaker and Roly B. Squire}, journal={Journal of pediatric surgery}, year={2003}, volume={38 11}, pages={E7-8} }