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Successful management of breast abscess with ongoing breastfeeding.

  title={Successful management of breast abscess with ongoing breastfeeding.},
  author={C. Banapurmath and S. Banapurmath and H. Mallikarjuna and A. Kalliath and K. T. Rao and J. Verghese and K. Ravikumar and N. Kesaree},
  journal={Indian pediatrics},
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488 breastmilk manually from right side. She continued to breastfeed from the left side. She could overcome her problem and initiate breastfeeding by 5 days. She had an ulcer above the right nipple which started healing by 5 days. Positioning the baby in such a way that angle of the mouth was juxtaposing the ulcer was less painful to the mother. The baby settled down to exclusive breastfeeding and was discharged by 8 days. 
Management of lactating breast abscesses by ultrasound-guided needle aspiration and continuation of breastfeeding: a pilot study.
INTRODUCTION Needle aspiration of breast abscesses during lactation are currently recommended as an alternative to surgery only for moderate forms. In case of breast abscess, many patients stopExpand
Breastfeeding in Normal Newborn: Basic Concepts
Breastfeeding is a complete nutrition for the baby and beneficial to the baby and the mother. Mothers should be prepared for breastfeeding and motivated antenatally. Breastfeeding should be initiatedExpand
Abcès du sein lactant : et si on ne les opérait plus ?
La ponction de l’abces lactant est une technique efficace, realisee en ambulatoire, permettant the poursuite of the allaitement maternel y compris du cote atteint. Expand
Devenir de l’allaitement maternel après la prise en charge par ponction(s) échoguidée(s) d’un abcès du sein lactant
Le traitement conventionnel en France d’un abces du sein lactant est chirurgical et entraine la plupart du temps un arret de l’allaitement. Au contraire, la prise en charge par ponction echoguideeExpand
Mastitis and Breast Abscess


Primary closure of lactational breast abscess.
Primary closure technique is safe, economical and highly beneficial in comparison to conventional open drainage pack dressing method and a close and watchful postoperative care is mandatory for the success. Expand
Review of a hospital experience of breast abscesses
It is concluded that in present day practice a breast abscess is more likely to be related to duct ectasia than to the puerperium, and that patients with anaerobic infection or subareolar abscesses should be assumed to have duct ectoria and may require excision of the major duct system (Hadfield's procedure). Expand
The treatment of acute abscesses by incision, curettage and primary suture under antibiotic cover
A case is made for the use of the technique of incision, curettage and primary suture with antibiotic cover for acute abscesses as an alternative to conventional methods of treatment. Expand
Mastitis among lactating women: occurrence and risk factors.
In this retrospective cohort study of 966 lactating women, the cumulative incidence of mastitis in the first seven weeks postpartum was 2.9%, and professional, technical, or managerial occupation in both parents was associated with incidence. Expand
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By reading this book as soon as possible, you can renew the situation to get the inspirations and this book will be always right for you. Expand
Breast abscesses and breast cysts.
Review of a hospital experience of breast abscesses
Review of a hospital experience of breast abscesses
The anatomy of infant sucking and etiology of sore nipples
  • Midwifery
  • 1986
Breast abscesses and breast cysts.