Successful knowledge transfer and project deployment in a service learning program


Service learning programs provide a richer, more practical experience for students and can deliver more benefits to the community by undertaking larger projects not limited by the length of a semester. Long-term projects with a larger scope present both knowledge management and project management challenges. The Engineering Projects In Community Service (EPICS) program at Purdue University has established a unique structure for resolving many of these issues. The primary author advises an EPICS team that has successfully delivered a custom database application used on a daily basis by a local judicial government agency to track 8000 clients. The application has been updated and maintained by the student team over multiple versions and semesters.This case study presents our experience with the knowledge and project management issues in this team, identifying practices that have resulted in a successful delivery to the community partner and positive experience for the students, advisors, and other participants.

DOI: 10.1145/947121.947170

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