Successful epilepsy surgery in catastrophic postencephalitic epilepsy.

  title={Successful epilepsy surgery in catastrophic postencephalitic epilepsy.},
  author={Eugen Trinka and François Dubeau and Frederick Andermann and Angela M Y Hui and Alexander Bastos and Li Min Li and Sven K{\"o}hler and Andre Olivier},
  volume={54 11},
The authors studied prognostic factors for surgical treatment in 22 patients with intractable postencephalitic epilepsy. A small subgroup of patients (9/22) had a positive outcome after resective surgery. They had a higher functional level after encephalitis as measured by Glasgow Outcome Score, a longer time interval between encephalitis and onset of seizures, and localization of ictal EEG to one temporal lobe. The other patients had devastating seizures with poor outcome after surgery.