Successful Innovation in Tele-Care: Continuous Co- creation and Situated Re-Innovation


Successful IT-enabled innovation is often attributed to benefit realization. However, often the results of the innovations are disappointing. Reason for this is argued to be a divide between development of the technological solution, and the organizational implementation and change that should ensure realization of the planned benefits. To handle this dilemma, it is advised to strengthen the management of the realization project accepting technology development and organizational change as entangled. Information technology is thus best described as a socio-material construct having the technical and the social inextricable linked. This paper challenges the belief in an inherent divide by suggesting integration of the technological and organizational development in the pilot-phase as well as subsequent phases through co-creation and situated re-innovation. With reference to a case on telecare this paper elaborates on co-creation and situated re-innovation and illustrates how this can be organized in practice.

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