Successful Contextual Technology Transfer and Determinants of Culture

  title={Successful Contextual Technology Transfer and Determinants of Culture},
  author={Kassahun Yimer Kebede and David J. Ndegwah and J. Otto Kroesen},

The rise of ‘smart’ solutions in Africa: a review of the socio-environmental cost of the transportation and employment benefits of ride-hailing technology in Ghana

Governments in Africa are licensing major global ride-hailing firms to launch operations in the continent. This is often presented as a refreshing development for the continent to leverage technology

Looking for innovation system builders: A case of Solar Energy Foundation in Ethiopia

The global diffusion of renewable energy technology (RET) has been sluggish, and as a result governmental support and policy interventions have been required. In this paper, we empirically

After-sales service and local presence: Key factors for solar energy innovations diffusion in developing countries

  • K. KebedeT. MitsufujiE. Choi
  • Political Science
    Proceedings of PICMET '14 Conference: Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology; Infrastructure and Service Integration
  • 2014
In this study, we have investigated the practice of an international network of companies and organizations which are engaged in the diffusion of solar home systems in Africa and Asia. This research



Lives of eminent philosophers

This rich compendium on the lives and doctrines of philosophers ranges over three centuries, from Thales to Epicurus (to whom the whole tenth book is devoted); 45 important figures are portrayed.

A Secular Age

Preface Introduction Part I: The Work of Reform 1. The Bulwarks of Belief 2. The Rise of the Disciplinary Society 3. The Great Disembedding 4. Modern Social Imaginaries 5. The Spectre of Idealism

Out of Revolution: Autobiography of Western Man.

Written for the educated lay-reader and historian, "Out of Revolution" is an interpretation of modern Western history as a single 900-year period initiated and formed by revolution. The theory of

A cross-cultural management system: The Ubuntu Company as paradigm

Although entrepreneurship is generally considered to be a promising solution for development in Africa, not yet much scientific work is available on the question, how to take the African cultural

Understanding how to import good governance practices in Bangladeshi villages

If "good governance" is a necessary condition for developing countries to receive aid and funds from donor countries to promote sustainable economic growth and poverty relief, the introduction of