Subwavelength-diameter silica wires for low-loss optical wave guiding

  title={Subwavelength-diameter silica wires for low-loss optical wave guiding},
  author={Limin Tong and Rafael R. Gattass and Jonathan B. Ashcom and Sailing He and Jingyi Lou and Mengyan Shen and Iva Z Maxwell and Eric Mazur},
Silica waveguides with diameters larger than the wavelength of transmitted light are widely used in optical communications, sensors and other applications. Minimizing the width of the waveguides is desirable for photonic device applications, but the fabrication of low-loss optical waveguides with subwavelength diameters remains challenging because of strict requirements on surface roughness and diameter uniformity. Here we report the fabrication of subwavelength-diameter silica ‘wires’ for use… CONTINUE READING



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