Subversion of the innate immune system by a retrovirus


Retroviruses evolve rapidly to avoid the immune response of the infected host. We show here that the wild-type mouse mammary tumor virus MMTV(C3H) persisted indefinitely in C3H/HeN mice. However, it was rapidly lost in mice of the closely related C3H/HeJ strain and was replaced by a virus recombinant with an endogenous Mtv provirus. Maintenance of the wild… (More)
DOI: 10.1038/ni926


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@article{Jude2003SubversionOT, title={Subversion of the innate immune system by a retrovirus}, author={Brooke A. Jude and Yelena L Pobezinskaya and Jennifer Lea Bishop and Susannah Parke and Ruslan Medzhitov and Alexander V Chervonsky and Tatyana V. Golovkina}, journal={Nature Immunology}, year={2003}, volume={4}, pages={573-578} }