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Suburban Sprawl: Exposing Hidden Costs, Identifying Innovations

  title={Suburban Sprawl: Exposing Hidden Costs, Identifying Innovations},
  author={David Thompson},

Victoria's suburban sprawl as a barrier to sustainable development

Canada is a nation where over twothirds of the population lives in some form of suburb (Gordon & Janzen 2013). It is important to monitor the locations of population growth within our nation as it

Restructurer les marchés canadiens du logement: Financements, accessibilité financière et étalement urbain

Les prix des logements ont sensiblement augmente au Canada au cours des dix dernieres annees, portant la dette des menages et la construction de logements a des points hauts historiques. Bien que le

Deconstructing Canada's Housing Markets: Finance, Affordability and Urban Sprawl

House prices have increased significantly in Canada over the past decade, driving household debt and residential construction activity to historical highs. Although macro-prudential tightening has

An Analysis of the Influence of Smart Growth on Growth Patterns in Mid-Sized Canadian Metropolitan Areas

ABSTRACT Since the late 1990s, Smart Growth has found broad acceptance within Canadian planning as a framework for sustainable urban development. Smart Growth emerged as a response to decades of

Urban Sprawl in the Greater Golden Horsehoe and the 2015 Ontario Coordinated Land Use Planning Review: Analysis and Recomendations

An independent project submitted to the School of Environmental Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements of ENSC 501 Queen’s University April 2015

Indicators Engineering for Land Uptake and Agricultural Loss. A Study in European Countries

Soil and its associated ecosystem services are indispensable resources for human survival on the planet. Current models of economic and social development exert unprecedented pressures and demands on

Urban sprawl in Canada: measurement, history, and implications of road network structure

3 Path dependence: theoretical Model 7 3.1 Qualitative account . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 3.2 Simplified case . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Understanding Smart Growth Savings: Evaluating Economic Savings and Benefits of Compact Development

How communities develop can have many direct and indirect impacts. Smart Growth policies create more compact, multi-modal development which reduces per capita land consumption and the distances

Conversion of Agricultural Land for Urbanization Purposes: A Case Study of the Suburbs of the Capital of Warmia and Mazury, Poland

Detailed research confirmed that, in the studied area, the conversion of agricultural land into developed areas results from economic factors, and the effects of uncontrolled urbanization generate long term social and economic losses, difficulties in the labour market and may become a barrier to development.



The Reform of Business Property Tax in Ontario: An Evaluation

Business property taxes in Ontario have fallen dramatically in the past decade, due to a series of reforms mandated by the provincial government. In this paper, I discuss the likely impacts of the

Productivity and the Density of Human Capital

We estimate a model of urban productivity in which the agglomeration effect of density is enhanced by a metropolitan area’s stock of human capital. Estimation accounts for potential biases due to the