Subunit regulation of the human brain alpha 1E calcium channel.

  title={Subunit regulation of the human brain alpha 1E calcium channel.},
  author={Lucie Parent and Toni Schneider and Christopher P. Moore and Deepti Talwar},
  journal={The Journal of membrane biology},
  volume={160 2},
The alpha1 subunit coding for the human brain type E calcium channel (Schneider et al., 1994) was expressed in Xenopus oocytes in the absence, and in combination with auxiliary alpha2delta and beta subunits. alpha1E channels directed with the expression of Ba2+ whole-cell currents that completely inactivated after a 2-sec membrane pulse. Coexpression of alpha1E with alpha2bdelta shifted the peak current by +10 mV but had no significant effect on whole-cell current inactivation. Coexpression of… CONTINUE READING

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