Subunit organization of PSI particles from brown algae and diatoms: polypeptide and pigment analysis

  title={Subunit organization of PSI particles from brown algae and diatoms: polypeptide and pigment analysis},
  author={Claire Berkaloff and Lise Caron and Bernard Rousseau},
  journal={Photosynthesis Research},
P700 enriched fractions were isolated from two brown algae and one diatom using sucrose density centrifugation after digitinin solubilization. They had a Chl a/P700 ratio of about 250 to 375 according to the species, they were enriched in long-wavelength absorbing Chl a and exhibited a fluorescence emission maximum at 77 K near 720 nm. They all presented a major polypeptide component at 66±2 kDa, but their polypeptide composition was rather complex and somewhat different from one species to… CONTINUE READING


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