Subungual fibro-osseous pseudotumour of the digit: a rare occurrence.


lished by the International Headache Society, the patient was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia. Sodium valproate 400 mg twice per day was administered, and the attack was significantly reduced. Thus we were not required to reduce the dosage of vemurafenib. The dosage of sodium valproate was gradually tapered over 2 months, and the patient had no… (More)
DOI: 10.1111/ijd.13413

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@article{Singal2017SubungualFP, title={Subungual fibro-osseous pseudotumour of the digit: a rare occurrence.}, author={Archana Singal and Priyanka Gogoi and Deepika Pandhi and Shuchi Bhatt}, journal={International journal of dermatology}, year={2017}, volume={56 1}, pages={e11-e13} }