Subsumption-Free Bottom-up Evaluation of Logic Programs with Partially Instantiated Data Structures

  title={Subsumption-Free Bottom-up Evaluation of Logic Programs with Partially Instantiated Data Structures},
  author={Zolt{\'a}n Somogyi and David B. Kemp and James Harland and Kotagiri Ramamohanarao},
Most deductive databases impose restrictions on the terms that can be used in them: they require that generated tuples be fully ground, i.e. contain no variables. Without this restriction, query evaluation of general programs needs subsumption tests in order to terminate correctly, and subsumption tests are expensive. 

Implementation of Constraint Database Systems Using a Compile-Time Rewrite Approach

A program transformation technique, Constraint Lifting, which can be used to rewrite constraint databases at compile-time such that no constraint solving facilities are necessary during query evaluation, and identifies the requirements for constraint solvers which are able to simplify constraints during constraint lifting.

The aditi deductive database system

The structure of Aditi is presented, its components are discussed in some detail, its performance figures are presented, and the front-end interacts with the user in a logical language that has more expressive power than relational query languages.

Syntactically Recognizable Modularly Stratified Programs

An important subclass of modularly stratiied programs, called EMS-programs, is presented in which one can easily express problems such as shortest distance, company ownership, bill of materials, preferential vote counting, and matrix diagonalization.



Right-, left- and multi-linear rule transformations that maintain context information

An algorithm that takes recursive rules, predicates and queries belonging to a particular class and transforms them into rules, Predicate and queries that allow efficient bottom-up computation of answers that can achieve considerable speedups over previous methods is presented.

A Polymorphic Type System for Prolog

Design overview of the Aditi deductive database system

An overview of the structure of Aditi, a disk-based deductive database system under continuous development at the University of Melbourne, is presented. The aim of the project is to find out what

Nu-prolog reference manual

CORAL - A Database Programming Language

Subsumption-free bottom-up evaluation of logic programs with partially instantiated data struc- tures

  • Technical Report 93/26,
  • 1993

The Godel Report

A System of Precise Models for Logic Programs

A proposal for standard ML

Magic sets and other strange ways to implement logic programs (extended abstract)

Several methods for implementing database queries expressed as logical rules, including a general algorithm for rewriting logical rules so that they may be implemented bottomUP (= forward chaining) in a way that cuts down on the irrelevant facts that are generated.