Substrato e luz na germinação das sementes de rainha-do-abismo

  title={Substrato e luz na germinaç{\~a}o das sementes de rainha-do-abismo},
  author={Cec{\'i}lia Maciel Barroso and L. Franke and I. B. I. Barros},
  journal={Horticultura Brasileira},
Sinningia lineata is a rock growing plant, with ornamental potential, which is in danger of extinction. This study aimed at analyzing the germinative behavior of the S. Ilineata in different substratums and light conditions. The results should contribute to the sexual propagation aiming at the conservation ex situ, as well as to offer a subsidy for its inclusion as an ornamental plant. The seeds were collected in situ. Six substrata were tested in presence and absence of light incidence… Expand
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