Substrate utilization during exercise in formerly morbidly obese women.

  title={Substrate utilization during exercise in formerly morbidly obese women.},
  author={N R Guesbeck and Matthew Hickey and Kenneth G Macdonald and Walter J. Pories and I Harper and Eric Ravussin and Gerald L Dohm and Joseph A. Houmard},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={90 3},
The purpose of this study was to compare substrate utilization during fasting and submaximal exercise in morbidly obese women after weight loss (WL) with that in weight-matched controls (C). WL were studied in the weight-stable condition approximately 24 mo after gastric bypass surgery. Energy intake (self-reported) and expenditure ((2)H(2)(18)O) were also compared. The respiratory exchange ratio during exercise at the same absolute (15 W) workload was significantly (P < or = 0.05) elevated in… CONTINUE READING