Substrate type and microbial interactions as factors affecting ascocarp formation by mangrove fungi

  title={Substrate type and microbial interactions as factors affecting ascocarp formation by mangrove fungi},
  author={Teck Koon Tan and Cheong Lieng Teng and E. B. G. Jones},
The growth and ascocarp formation of Aigialus parvus, Lignincola laevis and Verruculina enalia in single and mixed cultures on wood of Avicennia alba, Bruguiera cylindrica and Rhizophora apiculata was studied. In pure cultures, these fungi grew well on all three species of wood. Except for Aigialus parvus on B. cylindrica, all three fungi also formed abundant ascocarps. The time needed for ascocarp formation after inoculation ranged from six to eight weeks for L. laevis on all wood species, and… CONTINUE READING
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