Substrate specificity determinants of the checkpoint protein kinase Chk1.

  title={Substrate specificity determinants of the checkpoint protein kinase Chk1.},
  author={James R A Hutchins and Meredith Hughes and Paul R Clarke},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={466 1},
The Chk1 protein kinase plays a critical role in a DNA damage checkpoint pathway conserved between fission yeast and animals. We have developed a quantitative assay for Chk1 activity, using a peptide derived from a region of Xenopus Cdc25C containing Ser-287, a known target of Chk1. Variants of this peptide were used to determine the residues involved in substrate recognition by Chk1, revealing the phosphorylation motif Phi-X-beta-X-X-(S/T)*, where * indicates the phosphorylated residue, Phi is… CONTINUE READING

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