Substrate binding to a nitrite reductase induces a spin transition.

  title={Substrate binding to a nitrite reductase induces a spin transition.},
  author={Gabriel G. Martins and Luisa Bastos Rodrigues and Filipa M Cunha and Daniela Casagrande Matos and Peter Hildebrandt and Daniel H Murgida and In{\^e}s A. Cardoso Pereira and Smilja Todorovic},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={114 16},
The multiheme enzyme nitrite reductase catalyzes a 6-electron reduction of nitrite to ammonia. The reaction is initiated by substrate binding to the free axial position of the high spin penta-coordinated heme active site. The spin configuration of the resulting complex is crucial for discrimination between the heterolytic vs homolytic character of the cleavage of the N-O bond and, therefore, subsequent steps of the catalytic cycle. Here, we report the first experimental evidence, based on… CONTINUE READING