Substrate and substrate analogue binding properties of Renilla luciferase.

  title={Substrate and substrate analogue binding properties of Renilla luciferase.},
  author={Julian C Matthews and K. Hori and Milton J. Cormier},
  volume={16 24},
Luciferase from the anthozoan coelenterate Renilla reniformis catalyzes the oxidative decarboxylation of luciferin consuming 1 mol of O2 per mol of luciferin oxidized and producing 1 mol of CO2, 1 mol of oxyluciferin, and light (lambdaB, 480 nm) with a 5.5% quantum yield. In this work we have examined the binding characteristics of luciferin, luciferin analogues, and competitive inhibitors of the luciferin-luciferase reaction. The results show that luciferin binding and orientation in the… CONTINUE READING
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