Substitutional disorder in Sr2-yEuyB2-2xSi2+3xAl2-xN8+x (x ≃ 0.12, y ≃ 0.10).


A novel nitride, Sr2-yEuyB2-2xSi2+3xAl2-xN8+x (x ≃ 0.12, y ≃ 0.10) (distrontium europium diboron disilicon dialuminium octanitride), with the space group P62c, was synthesized from Sr3N2, EuN, Si3N4, AlN and BN under nitrogen gas pressure. The structure consists of a host framework with Sr/Eu atoms accommodated in the cavities. The host framework is… (More)
DOI: 10.1107/S2053229614007414


6 Figures and Tables

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