Substituted 2-Styrylquinazoline Derivatives: Preparation and Their Biological Activities

  title={Substituted 2-Styrylquinazoline Derivatives: Preparation and Their Biological Activities},
  author={Josef Jamp{\'i}lek and Robert Musiol and Jaroslaw Polanski and Aidan Coffey and Jim M O'Mahony and Jacek Finster and Katar{\'i}na Kr{\'a}ľov{\'a} and James Carroll and Matus Pesko},
In this study, a series of five ring-substituted 2 -styrylquinazolin-4(3H)-one and five ring-substituted 4-chloro-2-styrylquinazoline deriv ati es were prepared. The procedures for synthesis of the compounds are presented. The compo unds were analyzed using RP-HPLC to determine lipophilicity. They were tested for their activity related to inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport (PET) in spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) chloroplasts. Primary in vitro screening of the synthesized compounds… Expand

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