Substantial reservoirs of molecular hydrogen in the debris disks around young stars

  title={Substantial reservoirs of molecular hydrogen in the debris disks around young stars},
  author={W. F -. Thi and Geoffrey A. Blake and Ewine F. van Dishoeck and Gerd-Jan van Zadelhoff and Jillian M Horn and Eric E. Becklin and Vincent Mannings and Anneila I. Sargent and Mario E. van den Ancker and Antonella Natta},
Circumstellar accretion disks transfer matter from molecular clouds to young stars and to the sites of planet formation. The disks observed around pre-main-sequence stars have properties consistent with those expected for the pre-solar nebula from which our own Solar System formed 4.5 Gyr ago. But the ‘debris’ disks that encircle more than 15% of nearby main-sequence stars appear to have very small amounts of gas, based on observations of the tracer molecule carbon monoxide: these observations… CONTINUE READING

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