Substance P antagonists: the next breakthrough in treating depression?

  title={Substance P antagonists: the next breakthrough in treating depression?},
  author={Santhosh M. Baby and Michael Nguyen and Dat H. Tran and Robert B Raffa},
  journal={Journal of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics},
  volume={24 6},
Several lines of evidence implicate the neuropeptide substance P in depression, either in the pathogenesis or as a novel target for amelioration of symptoms. NK1 (substance P) receptor antagonists have been reported to have antidepressant-like actions in animal models. The first clinical trial of an NK1 antagonist showed promising results. A second trial, using a more potent compound, is underway. If the clinical trials show that NK1 (substance P) antagonism represents a well-tolerated… CONTINUE READING