Subsecond multisection CT of regional pulmonary ventilation.

  title={Subsecond multisection CT of regional pulmonary ventilation.},
  author={Jehangir K Tajik and Deokiee Chon and Chulho Won and Binh Quang Tran and Eric A. Hoffman},
  journal={Academic radiology},
  volume={9 2},
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES To evaluate the adequacy of multibreath and single-breath stable xenon gas techniques to measure regional ventilation during cardiac-gated, high-speed, multisection imaging, the authors carried out a series of studies using electron-beam computed tomography (CT) and a recently introduced subsecond multisection spiral CT scanner. MATERIALS AND METHODS In four anesthetized pigs, the authors implemented single-breath and/or dynamic multibreath wash-in and washout… CONTINUE READING