Subscapularis tendon tear: primary and associated signs on MRI.

  title={Subscapularis tendon tear: primary and associated signs on MRI.},
  author={Glenn A. Tung and Don C. Yoo and Stephen M. Levine and Jeffrey M. Brody and Andrew Green},
  journal={Journal of computer assisted tomography},
  volume={25 3},
PURPOSE The purpose of this work was to investigate signs of subscapularis tendon tear on MRI. METHOD Preoperative written interpretations of high field (n = 9) and low field (n = 7) MRI of 16 patients with tears confirmed at surgery or arthroscopy were reviewed, followed by retrospective review of these studies. RESULTS A preoperative diagnosis of subscapularis tear was made in five (31%) cases. On retrospective review, primary signs of tear were present in 15 (94%) cases and in two-thirds… CONTINUE READING