Subpicosecond magneto-optical sampling with Cd/sub 1-x/Mn/sub x/Te

  title={Subpicosecond magneto-optical sampling with Cd/sub 1-x/Mn/sub x/Te},
  author={Roberto C. Rey-de-Castro and Di Wang and Xiayu Zheng and Aleksandr A Verevkin and Roman Sobolewski and M. Mikulics and Peter Kordos and A. Mycielski},
  journal={Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, 2004. (CLEO).},
  pages={2 pp. vol.1-}
We demonstrate a magneto-optical sampling technique using a novel Cd/sub 0.45/Mn/sub 0.55/Te transducer. Our MO sampling is characterized by subpicosecond time resolution and complements electro-optical sampling, allowing complete (current and voltage) characterization of ultrafast electrical devices.