[Subperiostal orbital hemorrhage induced by effort for vomiting].


UNLABELLED Subperiostal orbital hemorrhage is a rare condition. It usually occurs as a result of trauma or because of a vascular disorder. We present a case of subperiostal orbital hemorrhage induced by effort for vomiting. CASE A 41-year-old pregnant patient (30 weeks of amenorrhea), with no prior history, was referred to the ENT emergency by her gynecologist for unilateral ptosis and proptosis secondary to efforts for vomiting. Clinical examination and CT scanner showed a subperiostal hematoma of the orbital roof. The hematoma resolved in ten days without sequels, under simple surveillance. DISCUSSION Non-traumatic subperiostal orbital hemorrhage remains rare. Clinical examination and orbital CT scan allow making the diagnosis. If the optic nerve is not compressed, clinical surveillance during hematoma resorption is sufficient.

DOI: 10.1016/j.stomax.2009.05.007

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