Suboptimal vision after vitreous surgery in diabetics.


Between 1979-1985, 105 diabetic patients underwent vitreous surgery for diabetic eye disease in one or both eyes. By spring 1991, 40 patients (38%) had died, and 36 (55%) of the living 65 patients had good or moderate vision (visual acuity, VA > or = 0.3 in the better eye), 13 (20%) had low vision (VA 0.05-0.25), and 16 (25%) were blind (VA < 0.05). For 19… (More)


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@article{Jaakkola1993SuboptimalVA, title={Suboptimal vision after vitreous surgery in diabetics.}, author={Anne Jaakkola and Paula H. Summanen and Riitta Mustonen and Linda Maria Laatikainen}, journal={Acta ophthalmologica}, year={1993}, volume={71 5}, pages={707-10} }