Submillimeter-Wave Spectroscopy of CO in the a(3)Pi State.

  title={Submillimeter-Wave Spectroscopy of CO in the a(3)Pi State.},
  author={Wada and Kanamori},
  journal={Journal of molecular spectroscopy},
  volume={200 2},
  • Wada, Kanamori
  • Published 2000 in Journal of molecular spectroscopy
Submillimeter-wave absorption spectrum of CO in electronically excited a(3)Pi state was observed in the 540-830 GHz region by using a phase-locked BWO spectrometer. New rotational transitions up to J = 9-8 in the vibrational excited states up to v = 5 were analyzed accompanied with previous observations in the RF and millimeter-wave regions. A multivibrational states fit among a' (3)Sigma(+) (v = 0-3) and a(3)Pi (v = 0-7) states was performed in order to analyze overall perturbation between the… CONTINUE READING

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