Submicron Magneto-Optical Spatial Light Modulation Device for Holographic Displays Driven by Spin-Polarized Electrons

  title={Submicron Magneto-Optical Spatial Light Modulation Device for Holographic Displays Driven by Spin-Polarized Electrons},
  author={K. Aoshima and Nobuhiko Funabashi and Kenji Machida and Yasuyoshi Miyamoto and Kiyoshi Kuga and Takayuki Ishibashi and Naoki Shimidzu and Fuminobu Sato},
  journal={Journal of Display Technology},
We have proposed a spin transfer switching (STS MO-SLM) device, based on Magneto-optical (MO) spatial light-modulation and driven by spin-polarized current flow, and confirmed its basic operation and characteristics experimentally. The proposed SLM device can be operated without active-matrix devices, has a spatial resolution as small as several hundred nanometers and possesses the potential for being driven at ultra-high speed of several tens of nanoseconds. Unlike existing SLM devices, this… CONTINUE READING
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Three dimensional motion picture technologies

2014 IEEE Industry Application Society Annual Meeting • 2014


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