Submerging islands through thermalization

  title={Submerging islands through thermalization},
  author={Vijay Balasubramanian and Ben Craps and Mikhail A. Khramtsov and Edgar Shaghoulian},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract We illustrate scenarios in which Hawking radiation collected in finite regions of a reservoir provides temporary access to the interior of black holes through transient entanglement “islands.” Whether these islands appear and the amount of time for which they dominate — sometimes giving way to a thermalization transition — is controlled by the amount of radiation we probe. In the first scenario, two reservoirs are coupled to an eternal black hole. The second scenario involves two… 
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Island, Page Curve and Superradiance of Rotating BTZ Black Holes
  • Ming-Hui Yu, Cheng-Yuan Lu, Xian-Hui Ge, S. Sin
  • Physics
  • 2021
We study the Page curve and the information paradox for the BTZ black hole which is coupled to two thermal baths by applying the island paradigm. We prove that as the island locates outside the event


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