Subliminal messages. Between the devil and the media.

  title={Subliminal messages. Between the devil and the media.},
  author={John R. Vokey and J. Don Read},
  journal={The American psychologist},
  volume={40 11},
We describe our entanglement in the controversial public issue of subliminal messages in advertising and popular music in order to provide a report of our research unencumbered by the misrep-resentations in the various media reports of this work. A distinction is drawn between the allegedpresence of these messages in the media concerned and the impact they are purported to have upon the listener or viewer. Our research is concerned primarily with the latter: Is there any evidence to warrant… 


Subliminal messages appear in movies, commercials, music videos, and even cartoons. These are hidden signals inserted into advertising messages sent to a target audience to influence their

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The relationship between belief in subliminal perception and the out-come of subliminal perception was examined. One hundred thirty-seven college students listened to a tape of a contemporary jazz

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An offspring of the New Thought movement in the 19th century and nurtured by the positive thinking and human potential movements of this century, self-improvement has attained the status of a secular



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The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the fact that, contrary to the implications of a recent paper by Merikle (1982), the case for unconscious perception does not stand or fall with

The Role of Suggestion in the Perception of Satanic Messages in Rock-And-Roll Recordings

Summary This study is an attempt to examine the role of suggestion in perceiving satanic messages in rock-and-roll recordings presented backward. Ss (N = 65) were placed in one of three groups: 1. no

Unconscious perception revisited

  • P. Merikle
  • Psychology
    Perception & psychophysics
  • 1982
Table I Example of Results Assumed to Support Perception Without Awareness condition, on the other hand, provides the critical observations. A masking stimulus that functions as a central mask (cf.

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Temporal integration in visual memory.

  • V. Di Lollo
  • Psychology, Biology
    Journal of experimental psychology. General
  • 1980
An inverse relationship between duration of inducing stimulus and duration of sensory persistence is suggested and allows the inference that visual persistence may be identified more fittingly with ongoing neural processes than with the decaying contents of an iconic store.

Temporal integration in visual memory.

An inverse relationship between duration of inducing stimulus and duration of sensory persistence is suggested and allows the inference that visual persistence may be identified more fittingly with ongoing neural processes than with the decaying contents of an iconic store.

Perception and memory for pictures: Single-trial learning of 2500 visual stimuli

The results of the experiment indicate the vast memory for pictures possessed by human beings and emphasize the need to determine mechanisms by which this is accomplished.