Sublime Cascades: Water and Power in Coalbrookdale

  title={Sublime Cascades: Water and Power in Coalbrookdale},
  author={Paul Belford},
  journal={Industrial Archaeology Review},
  pages={133 - 148}
  • P. Belford
  • Published 2007
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Archaeology Review
Abstract The Coalbrookdale Watercourses Project took place between 2000 and 2006, and comprised the most extensive renovation of the water-power system in over a century. Ironbridge Archaeology undertook historical and archaeological investigation as part of the project. The archaeological work was closely integrated into the engineering programme, and the results of excavation and research were able to inform conservation. This paper outlines the historic origins of the waterpower system in… Expand
English steelmaking in the seventeenth century : the excavation of two cementation furnaces at Coalbrookdale
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List of Publications on the Economic and Social History of Great Britain and Ireland Published in 2007
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