Sublimation origin of active asteroid P/2018 P3

  title={Sublimation origin of active asteroid P/2018 P3},
  author={Yoonyoung Kim and Jessica Agarwal and David C. Jewitt and Max J. Mutchler and Stephen Larson and H. Weaver and Michael Mommert},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
August ABSTRACT Context. Active asteroids show (typically transient) cometary activity, driven by a range of processes. A sub-set, sometimes called main-belt comets, may be driven by sublimation and so could be useful for tracing the present-day distribution of asteroid ice. Object P / 2018 P3 has a Tisserand parameter 3.096 but a high eccentricity 0.415, placing it within the dynamical boundary between asteroids and comets. Aims. We aim to determine the cause of activity (sublimation or…