Subjunctive Biography

  title={Subjunctive Biography},
  author={{\'E}ric Savoy},
  journal={The Henry James Review},
  pages={248 - 255}
The history of critical and biographical writing about "James and sexuality" in the last twenty years suggests that there is no congruent relation between "gay James" and "queer James." Indeed, the articulation of the former—usually in the context of biographical revision or narrative thematics-would seem inversely proportional to the emergence of the latter, which usually addresses the difficulties of style and narrative form. This essay takes up and develops Leo Bersani's proto-New-Formalist… Expand
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"The Plot against Narration: Disavowal in The Spoils of Poynton"
This article challenges the use of homology as an interpretive key to relations between plot, narration, and style. McBride offers an alternative method–interlevel reading–that analyzes the potentialExpand